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Khao Lak is a wonderfull place. A perfect place for a family vacation, with its miles after miles of fantastic beaches and with its many restaurants. Khao Lak got resorts and hotels for all budgets and every single one of them is within walking distance to the sea.

This site is the offspring of my work with the charity tsunami map I made in 2005 and its aiming to make travel to Khao Lak easier and more fun. I want to help you to get a good start exploring this wonderfull place, and what could be a better then starting your exploration in your favorite armchair with the assistance of a good map!

A work in progress...
I still need some time to finnish the inserts. Also an online version is in the works. Links to other Khao Lak related webpages and alot of other stuff is coming soon... So, please come back and check when its done!

Get the map here (updated in december 2007)
Where are the resorts and hotels? What about the restaurants and other services? Find out on the downloadable Khao Lak map here.

Zip archive [Khao Lak Winter 2007 Map]
Non compressed version here [Khao Lak map]

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The map is totally free. But I do accept a small donation (for server costs etc) if you enjoyed it. :) Feel free to use this link to donate via PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted. You dont need to sign up for PayPal when using this service.

For comments or suggestions, please dont hesitate to contact me. Use the online form here or send a mail to or make a call: +46 8 545 498 91.

Stockholm, Sweden, April 10 2008

/Axel von Matern

Searching for tsunami information?
If you need information on what Khao Lak was like at the time of the tsunami, please feel free to download our 2004 Khao Lak Map here.